This page has the necessary forms or documents that you will need to participate in the events at NTBC.
Medical Release Forms - Throughout the year our youth and children will go on trips requiring parents to fill out medical release forms in case of injury.

Confidential Worker Application - All adults working with minors must fill out a form every five (5) years. This includes nursery workers, extended sessions workers, AREA 22:6 leaders, Babies - Grade 12 Sunday School teachers, and baseball & basketball coaches. Forms must be filled out completely and turned in to the Church Office* or mailed to: NTBC, Attn: Business Administrator, 6515 N. Trenholm Rd, Columbia, SC 29206 or by e-mail, (*Due to the confidential information, forms should be in a sealed envelope and addressed to the Business Administrator.)

Facilities and Resources Request Form must be filled out when requesting the use of facilities on campus as well as church events off campus. Forms will be taken to Staff Meeting for approval.

NTBC Scholarship or Grant Application Form - Because of the generosity of three former members of NTBC and their interest in helping specific pursuits for others in need of assistance, we are able to offer help in the form of scholarships or grants from three endowments.

NTBC Business Directory - For members to find good Christian businesses that they can trust. Inclusion on this list does not constitute the church's endorsement of any business nor are these services free. It is only an information source for those who wish to use it.