What To Do When You Arrive?

When you arrive at our campus you can park on either the Sylvan Drive or the Arcadia Drive parking lot in dedicated Guest parking slots. Just look for the big blue and white umbrella. You will be greeted there by a member of our greeting volunteer staff and directed to our Welcome Center. We will take it from there, getting you and your family to the right place for your time here at NTBC. At the Welcome Center another greeter will get you oriented and you can escort your kids to the Children’s area and your teenagers to the Student Building so you can see where they will meet new friends. Our dedicated teachers and workers will make sure they are safe and have a wonderful experience. Then we will make sure you get to an Adult Bible Study class appropriate for you and get you introduced into the family of the class.  We would encourage you to visit various classes over a few weeks to find the one to that is the best fit and where you feel at home.

IF you prefer not to go through the Welcome Center, you can take your children to the Preschool area shown as “A” on the campus diagram. Children in grades 1-5 can go up the Ramp at “B” and check in at NTKids.  And teenagers in grades 6-12 can go to the Student Building at “S” on the diagram. Adult classes are in Building C. Just ask any greeter who is stationed throughout the campus during key times and we will help you get to a class or the Worship Center. There are also signs on campus and inside Building C directing you to the various areas of campus.